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We help you buy and sell patents.

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Intelligent Technology Trifecta (ITTr) connects buyers and sellers of Intellectual Property without getting between them.

We can help whether your market is regional, national, or worldwide.

Please note ,however, that we only represent clients with US patents or patent applications. We are glad to represent overseas clients but only when they own US intellectual property. We are also glad to broker the foreign versions of US patents held by our clients.

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We find better, more appropriate buyers and sellers by analyzing the IP you own or need and determining where it fits in the universe of Intellectual Property. We do this through a patent mapping process that identifies companies that have IP that's similar to yours. They may be in a similar market, or use similar technology, or have similar applications.

Patents Available for License

To see the patents that are currently available for sale or license from ITTr and obtain additional information about them follow the link above

Some examples:

A university is looking for companies to license patents on a number of high technology products and processes. We connected the university with a company that buys patents for a pool of very large companies.

A client has developed a sporting goods product that has wide applicability and potentially very large sales. However the originator does not want to continue with the project. We are working with a marketing consultant with a lengthy track record in sporting goods and he has secured endorsements of the product by major magazines and is using his contacts to get the product infront of the largest companies in the field.

A company invested $1 million developing a novel coating for medical uses. We made high level connections for this company with the number one supplier of hospital goods and also with one of the worlds leading manufactures of paper products. While the potential buyers passed due to the obsolescence of the technology, our client got a chance to present their case.

ITTr is unique in that, while we receive commissions on your transactions, buyers and sellers negotiate directly with one another. We do not purchase your IP or resell it, so you maintain full control.

We also offer options. They make it easier for the buyer to make his decision because they can test the technology before paying the full price. Options may be non-exclusive if more than one buyer wants the technology, or can be written to be exclusive to a single buyer. Options also benefit sellers by allowing them to generate additional revenues from buyers who try but don't buy.

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